Privacy and Comfort

The infusion suite combines warm, personalized care with the latest technology. The dedicated space allows for privacy and fast service in a comfortable atmosphere with reclining chairs, cable television, and free Wi-Fi.

Expert Care

The center provides a full range of outpatient infusions and injection services for adult patients who do not require hospitalization. Our outpatient infusions are provided by an experienced staff of registered nurses for the convenience of patients who require intravenous medications.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of skilled professionals provide our patients with comprehensive care and genuine compassion. The staff will make the arrangements with your insurance company and ensure that your medication is here for your scheduled appointment.

New Alzheimer’s Medication

Dr. Weisman was the first doctor in the Philadelphia region to use a new infusion approved by the FDA in 2021. This medication removes amyloid from the brain and is expected to slow progression in Alzheimer’s disease.

History of Infusions

Infusion therapy, from early origins to cutting-edge research.

Steven D. Factor, MD