ANA performs routine and long-term outpatient EEGs. Our experienced, skilled team of epileptologists includes multiple board-certified EEG specialists.

About EEGs

Electroencephalography, or EEG, monitors the brain’s electrical activity through the skull to help diagnose epilepsy and other disorders that affect the brain’s activity. This painless, risk-free test is performed by a certified EEG technician and interpreted by a board-certified epileptologist.

Routine EEGs

Routine EEGs last about an hour. The patient usually reclines in a chair or on a bed during the test. A series of cup-like electrodes are attached to the scalp with a special conducting paste. The electrodes are attached to wires (also called leads) that carry the brain’s electrical signals to a machine. Changes in brain wave patterns are transmitted to the computer via the EEG machine.

Long-Term EEGs

The doctor may order a long-term (also called ambulatory) EEG test. During this test, the patient takes the EEG equipment home with them for long-term monitoring. During an initial office visit, the electrodes are applied to the scalp and wired to the EEG monitoring equipment. After 1-3 days, the patient returns to the office for the electrodes to be removed.