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About our Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are part of the clinical research that drives all modern medical advances. Clinical trials look for novel ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease by enrolling subjects and monitoring outcomes over time. Subject safety and well-being is the top priority in all trials. They provide patients access to investigational compounds under study while also offering an opportunity to help researchers find more advanced treatments for many others in the future.

Who We Are

Since 2008, the research team at Abington Neurological Associates, led by David C. Weisman, MD, has been advancing the understanding, treatment, and prevention of neurological disorders. Under Dr. Weisman’s direction, ANA conducts trials for Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, chronic pain, and more.

Joining a Clinical Trial

Each individual trial has its own criteria for participation. Before enrolling in a clinical trial, a prospective participant must meet the guidelines for qualification. To determine if you are a candidate for a trial, we will set up an appointment for you to meet our physicians as well as other research professionals who will assist in determining your ability to participate.

We are currently enrolling patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


Safety Measures

How ANA is safely conducting clinical trials

Statement of inclusion

Abington Neurological Associates is proud to offer clinical trials investigating potential treatments in AD. Alzheimer’s is a terrible, fatal disease, which currently has no disease modifying treatment, and affects people of all creeds, nationalities and ethnicities. We welcome any individual with Alzheimer’s disease into these trials and will continue to do so. In previous trials, we are pleased to have contributed data from traditionally under-diagnosed and under-studied minority populations. ANA is committed to recruiting subjects until AD is cured.

Joining a trial is a highly personal decision. Aside from long lists of exclusion criteria, trials are not the right fit for everyone or for every family. Culture does play a role in this decision making. We aim to remove the barriers we can.