An EEG (electroencephalogram) is an important test for diagnosing epilepsy and seizures because it records the electrical activity of the brain. This test may be ordered for patients who experience loss of consciousness as a symptom of their condition. Electrodes are placed on the patient’s scalp with gel and these electrodes record your brain waves.

Routine EEGs last about an hour. The patient is asked to sit still and relax or even fall asleep while the EEG records. The test is performed by a certified EEG technician and interpreted by a board-certified epileptologist. The test is completely painless and safe. Patients should expect the test to take about one hour.

Long-term ambulatory EEGs can last from 24 to 72 hours. There will be one appointment for applying the electrodes and another appointment for them to be removed.


Do not use any lotions, creams, gels, hairspray, conditioner, oils or other hair product on your hair 12 hours prior to your EEG, or else your appointment will be rescheduled. We cannot do EEGs on extensions, braids, or weaves.