Brad C. Klein, MD, MBA

General Neurology
Headache specialist

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Dr. Brad Klein is a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and CFO of Abington Neurological Associates, practicing the highest quality, comprehensive care for patients with all neurological disorders. He also has sub specialty expertise and certification in EMG and headache disorders including migraine, cluster, trigeminal neuralgia, post-traumatic headache, and post-concussive syndrome. Additional services provided include trigger point injections, nerve blocks, and Botox. Dr. Klein also serves as a national key opinion leader and educator in neurological diagnoses and treatments.

Dr. Klein’s additional interests include state and federal advocacy for patients and the health care system. With over 15 years of advocacy experience including direct legislative bill oversight and invited legislative testimonies, Dr. Klein utilizes his understanding of health care policy, medical economics, and the legislative process to successfully advocate for the well being of patients throughout Pennsylvania and the country. He currently serves as the Chair of the Medical Economics and Practice committee of the American Academy of Neurology, in addition to other state and national positions.


Abington Neurological Associates

Within his medical practice, Dr. Klein also provides strategic leadership and oversight including short and long range corporate planning, financial trending, pro forma analyses, cash flow maintenance, operational flow and regulatory adjustments, information technology and EMR application, pension & benefit management, payer and vendor relations and negotiations, and contract management. He is a national speaker on the business of medicine. His personal belief and approach to leadership includes ensuring individuals at all levels are recognized and appreciated and a team player perspective is an integral component within the corporate culture. His business, Abington Neurological Associates, Ltd. continues to thrive and grow as a leader of highest quality neurological care in the region.

The Headache Center

The Headache Center in Warminster helps patients gain relief from migraine headaches, tension and cluster headaches, sinus headaches and medication rebound headaches. Dr. Klein sees patients at the Headache Center in addition to Abington Neurological Associates.


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