Clinical Research

At Abington Neurological Associates, we are committed to offering cutting-edge treatments for our patients. Clinical trials are available in many different areas. If you are interested in learning more about any of the trials that we offer, call us at 215-957-9250, or submit your name and email address and our office will contact you.

Alzheimer’s diseaseGraduate: Gantenerumab in early Alzheimer’sNCT03444870Roche
Alzheimer’s diseaseTrailblazer: BACE inhibitor plus immunotherapy for early Alzheimer’sNCT03367403Eli Lilly
Alzheimer’s diseaseS-CitAD: Escitalopram for agitation in Alzheimer’sNCT03108846Johns Hopkins
Alzheimer’s diseaseHarmony: Pimavanserin in dementia-related psychosisNCT03325556Acadia
Alzheimer’s diseaseT2 Protect AD: Troriluzole in mild to moderate Alzheimer’sNCT03605667Biohaven
Lewy body dementiaPRESENCE: Dopamine modulator for cognition in mild to moderate Lewy body dementiaNCT03305809Eli Lilly
Parkinson’s diseaseParkinson’s Disease L-DOPA Induced DyskinesiaNCT02202551Prelinia
Multiple sclerosisAFFINITY: Opicinumab for remyelination in relapsing-remitting MSNCT03222973Biogen
Episodic migraineAdvance: Atogepant for preventing episodic migraineNCT03777059Allergan
Chronic headacheProgress: Atogepant for preventing chronic headacheNCT03855137Allergan
NarcolepsyPeace: Observational Study – Pitolisant for narcolepsyNCT03433131Harmony